We made the big 10

So finally we made the big round 10. That in itself is cause for celebration.
During those 10 years we had times where we totally rocked the net, and we had times where technical difficulties and similar issues stopped our progress, and then we had times where we failed to innovate, dropped the ball on which direction to go next.
These past few years have been characterized by the latter.
I alone take the responsibility for this, and I say this because in talks with Z he made it clear that he would not be spending anymore time on eP and therefore if something truly was to happen it would happen by my hands alone. I accepted that but failed miserably in 2013.
To those who I trust I'll explain (in a different forum) what I've been doing in 2013 that meant I didn't work on eP as much as hoped, but to the rest I'll simply say that I'm now working on changing the political system through the old fashion way (but with a twist) and first step in that direction worked in 2013.
Now back to ePirate.
I was planning on doing a type of online get-together, where only trusted people would be allowed in, here we would discuss ideas for eP5 and come up with a vision. With that in order, I'll get someone to do the coding work for us so we don't have to worry about that.
Now that plan has been delayed because I'm in the hospital at the moment with a high fever and a nasty antibiotic resistant bacteria. The plan is I'll be out in 10 days, and can then continue the treatment at home, so I'm not gonna give any dates (because work is gonna want all my time once I get back from a month of sick leave), but that is the plan.

This is my last effort for ePirate, if in 2015 the site is still stagnating, I'll probably shut it down, and call it the good run it was.

I wish you all the best, and to the old timers still lurking around, I look forward to talking to you soon!
Shadow D