Here we go!

Time goes by way too fast!
I'll spare you the history and cut things short; here is the process going forward:

First we will have a phase where people can submit ideas on their vision for ePirate, the focus being how the site can change to become relevant, useful and functional again.

Second phase will be a voting process where anyone can vote for any idea they like, only catch is, if you vote for an idea, you are also saying that you are willing to spend time turning that idea into a reality if it wins, and by winning, I mean that it is not only the most popular idea (by a reasonable margin) but also has a reasonable amount of volunteers (enough to form an initial team that can work on the project realistically).

Third phase (if we get this far) will be me working together with the newly formed team trying to figure out how much support they will need - I'm willing to finance the hosting as I've done for a long time now, but I'm also willing to finance some coding should the need arise and we don't have someone willing and able to do the work internally.

That's the plan, and here's the timing of it:

Phase 1: August + September + October
Phase 2: November + December
Phase 3: January

For Phase 1, send in your ideas to:

That is all, I really look forward to hearing from you, and thanks by the way to the old-timers in the comments section - it's crazy to see so many of you still lurking around (although I did suspect it)!