This list only includes file hosting services which allow for unregistered sharing. Hosts such as rapidshare and mediafire now require registration to upload, therefore they are not included in this list.

Whenever uploading it is wise to upload using a proxy server, a non-logging VPN service, Tor or similar technology. Just because you upload to a file host instead of over a public network does not mean that host will protect your privacy.

They may be required by law to release user data through court order. It's also important to point out that nothing is stopping these companies from doing this willingly and at their sole discretion.

Naturally, if a host would do this, they risk backlash and abandonment from their uploaders, however we've seen this make no difference in the past in cases such as when MegaUpload willingly handed over information on one individual who uploaded the Wolverine movie in spring 2009. This person was arrested and later hit with prison time.

We make no recommendation on one host over another based on privacy, but you can drastically reduce your odds of being a victim of privacy invasion by using one of the previously mentioned methods.

It's important to note that no one sharing exclusively software has ever been sued, let alone arrested. Unlike the fascist MPAA/RIAA, software companies have been far more reasonable and most software companies benefit from the free exposure the warez community has given them.

File Host Unregistered Max Size
BigUpload 20 MB
UpWap 30 MB
MissUpload 50 MB
FileBeam 100 MB
MegaFileUpload 196 MB
2Shared 200 MB
ZippyShare 200 MB
Ziddu 200 MB
TurboBit 200 MB
SendSpace 300 MB
Load.to 300 MB
RareFile 300 MB
QueenShare 300 MB
Netload 400 MB
Oron 400 MB
HotFile 400 MB
Datei.to 500 MB
FreeUploadShare 500 MB
FileSend 500 MB
MegaShares 549 MB
OK2Upload 549 MB
Putlocker 1 GB
Uploading 1 GB
FreakShare 1 GB
MegaShare 1 GB
Share-Online 1 GB
Shragle 1 GB
BitShare 1 GB
BitShare 1 GB
ShareBees 1 GB
180Upload 2 GB
ExtaBit 2 GB
FileFactory 2 GB
DepositFiles 2 GB
FileFlyer 2 GB
LetItBit 2 GB
ShareFlare 2 GB
VIP-File 2 GB
Crocko 2 GB
GigaSize 2 GB
HitFile 5 GB
uGotFile 5 GB
uGotFile 100 GB
SpeedyShare Unlimited
WikiUpload unknown
BitBonus unknown

Page Last Updated April 3rd, 2012
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