SOAPY 0.04 - Anti-SOPA Firefox Addon


Credits due to glamrock of GitHub for this useful tool
(Contact the creators of Soapy:, or on Twitter at @abditum. ~Griffin Boyce for more information about Soapy)

Introduction To Soapy
Soapy is a small, free Fire Fox plugin that allows users to go to web sites banned under SOPA -- making SOPA, if it is passed, moot. It focuses on the DNS-blocking technique favored by oppressive regimes and middle management. Because this is designed to go around a complete block, HTTPS is disabled for sites covered by this plugin.

There's a bit of a lag time between coding and releasing source on git, just so you know. Every site that this circumvents for has a set of XML rules that are tailored to the quirks of that specific site. These are found in rules and src/chrome/content/rules. Much of the code has been borrowed from HTTPS-Everywhere and NoScript.

Here are the sites protected by Soapy so far, more added daily.

What is Soapy, exactly?
In a technical nutshell:
Soapy works by automatically redirecting users to the website's server directly. It replaces the DNS system entirely for these blocked websites.

Domain Name Servers match domains like to their server's IP address (in this case ). This process is usually invisible to the user, but you can access Google's site by using their IP address as well.

More basic, less technical:
Computers use Domain Name Servers to make the connection to websites. These large servers act as online address books for websites, telling computers where the site they want to visit is located. Soapy acts as an alternative address book for sites that are at risk of being blocked.

More technical info:
Soapy is a plugin for FireFox written in JavaScript and XML that is designed to bypass DNS blocks by automatically redirecting the user to the site's IP address (if available). This is based on pre-defined rules for websites which may be at risk of being blocked. So while this means that sites must be included in the plugin package, it also means that they've been tested and aren't simply assumed to work.

A more elegant solution is in the works as well, but Soapy works now.

How To Install:
Once you download it, drag the file inside of your opened Firefox and install it.

Now restart Firefox and then, BAM! It's installed!

How to remove:

Since SOPA isn't in effect, you should disable the plugin or uninstall completely. Soapy updates its definitions automatically.

To remove, go to Tools > Addons, click Soapy, then click Uninstall. Firefox will ask you to restart your browser.

All code is open source under GPL v2. Though if you're charging for this, I could use a job (just saying).

Like crispy bacon, I crave censorship circumvention.

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Personal Note: For now I have ran into a couple of bugs that are a tad bit bothersome and so if you would rather wait before installing this, that might be a better option. This will most likely be updated as more bugs are worked out by the developers.

If you DO install this, simply disable it until it is updated later on with less bugs.


Hey, How about freenet? Wouldst that completely bypass sopa?


I actually tried out FreeNet. It was pretty neat and it is an alternative that should definitely be developed even more and maybe used more too.


SOPA is dead on arrival... for now

@Ambrocious:.. Yes it has come along way. Now only if they recode it in something other than java and include a user friendly gui. Too bad filetopia died it was a good idea also.


According to THIS article, SOPA is back.


Yea I just read that dude, They are just re-writing it and they will pass it. I encourage everyone to get on freenet and run a node make some sort of site and upload it. I am in the process of making a freesite and will eventually mirror epirate to freenet once I get freenet mastered.


Awesome kokane, keep up the good work with that. Every bit of resistance is helpful.


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